Thank you

It’s amazing. I got my healthminder journal and thinking I would use it for just tracking pain. I love that it is much more than that. I can track weather, what I eat, pollen counts and anything I take. The diagrams allow my to track more than one body part and in the back it allows me to write in my detail anything I am feeling or noticing and write down questions for my dr.

Also thanking my husband because he threw his back out, even though he is in pain, he still asks if I am OK, helps me out and still does snow removal because I have fallen twice this year already. I had a cold and all he thought about was if I was OK even though he was hurting too and it was his birthday.
Now, my blogging family, Thank you for the support. I was diagnosed in 2010, my friends listen and support but unless you have RA you truly can not understand the pain, fatigue, and fear that comes with this. So here is a Thank you for everyone who writes posts and who read and comments on mine. I no longer feel alone.


9 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. nina

    The feeling of not being alone is what keeps me going. My family and friends can be supportive, but they have no idea what I need to overcome every day. It’s not only the pain, but the emotional turmoil and the exhaustion. I take comfort in the fact that there is an entire community somewhere out in cyberspace that can identify with my thoughts and feelings.

    It’s good to have companions in this battle, isn’t it?

    1. twistedrandall Post author

      It is nice to know that I am not a hypochondriac. That others also know the difference between pain and sore. And when I say I am exhausted it doesn’t mean I am tired. I have learned a lot, seen different perspectives and received support since Dec than I have since 2010

  2. linseyv24

    I love reading these post. They make me feel like I have another family to turn who can really understand me. I love my family and friends for always being there but like you said unless you have it you can’t understand what it truly like. Thanks for being my blogging family.

      1. linseyv24

        I was diagnosed in 2007 and just starting blogging this past month and have only really ever replied to blogs I have never really wrote my own blogs yet. I really like it but just not sure how to get started on writing my own blogs.

    1. twistedrandall Post author

      Anytime. And don’t feel weird. Have you read some of mine? I am a little off the wall and can really be out there. That is the good thing. You don’t have to read it if you don’t like it but it gets your thoughts out


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