Trump’s travel ban

The judges blocking this travel ban is bs. Obama implemented this 17 times and no one blinked. The judge even said he would not have blocked it if it was from another president. Trump has every right to enforce this and I am just pissed. 


Hi again.

It has been a while but haven’t had anything to really write. Please read all the way through, I will be positive at the end.

I think I have finally come to terms that I have RA. It only took 5 years to not only say it but to accept it in my own mind.

I can feel my RA progressing, and it stinks. Not to say every day is a bad day, but the fatigue and stiffness are getting worse. I can also see the deterioration in my hands and feet.

I have always had the nodules on my fingers and toes but now I have one on my knee.

RAndall has my tendons and joints all tied up and to prevent myself from limping on bad days, I shuffle.

I don’t do nearly as much as I used, however, if I really want to do it, I still do.

I think my time on MTX is coming to an end as it doesn’t seem to be affective and I am hitting the five year mark of being on it.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have more good days than bad. I don’t use assistive devices, only use a thumb brace periodically.

I still play just dance with my kids and look like a fool and still win some of the songs without moving my feet too much.

I am very lucky to be 5 yrs diagnosed and still able to do as much as I do.

I laugh at the disease quite often and hide it very well yet.

Hope everyone has a good healthy day.

Stress sucks

Do I get nervous, jumpy, upset or just felling off? Yes, however, with everything in my life, I don’t ever remember getting to a point where I felt like I fell down a rabbit hole. Nor do I remember having panic attacks.

Now the last month has been stressful to say the least. Marriage  is hard and require work, teenagers are impossible and rumors floating around at work.

I always have handled my life with either a joke or a screw you attitude. This month I felt like everything was spinning out of control. 

Everything is starting to fall back into place, going strait instead of spinning and I have crawled my way out. I hope it never happens again as this sucked. Good news is, it didn’t throw me into a flare.

Honesty and truth

Everyone always says honesty is the most important part of a marriage, so why do I find it so hard to be honest about my pain levels and fears with my husband. Is it because even though women are the “fairer” sex, we are still expected to handle anything?

I don’t seem to be honest with my friends or myself either.  I may explain what RA and Fibromyalgia is but not necessarily how it applies to me.

In the beginning after I was diagnosed, that’s all I wanted and needed to talk about, after I realized no one listened much, I would say things like “I am getting a bit sore” or “I am kind of tired”. It would take me needing to use crutches or my hands noticeably crippled for me to say more after that first year. I felt like a whiner and my disease became me instead of me having a disease. My husband thought I was being uptight and had to work to have fun because I hide the physical and emotional pain and the fears too much.

So here are the questions I need to find answers for inside myself.  How do I express how I am feeling without it consuming all my thoughts and not sound whiney? Do I explain what RA  and Fibromyalgia is and wait for follow up questions or do I tell people right away how it pertains to me? Do I push the issue that RA is not arthritis in the classic sense and Fibromyalgia is not a fake disease?

With too many people thinking you bring it up for advice and saying “did you try this that and the other?” Screw you. … of course.  I am explaining what I am going through, not looking for sympathy or advice. Grrrrr

If you made it through this rant, thank you, it felt to get it out.  Even though I still was not open about what my pain is right now and what my current fears are. Lol

Better soon I hope

My shoulder is so bad and causing pain in my neck and back. Getting sick of sleeping on the couch. My husband moves an inch and I wake up. He feels bad but it isn’t his fault.

Because of my inactivity my hips are now joining the fight and RAndall (this is what I named my ra) is tap dancing all over. I think I can hear the little asshole giggling but I can never catch him.

Last week I contacted my doctor and he put me on prednisone for three weeks and also a muscle relaxer. I finally got a good night sleep.

Today I went for a two mile walk with my friends and the tendon in my ankle tightened up.  I didn’t say anything though as I was enjoying my time outside with them. It was a long winter.

I figured out my body loves mexico. My husband suprised me with a week in cancun and getting away from the stress, cold and damp, and life in general was awesome.

Time to get some sleep setting I have a ten hour work day tomorrow.

Stupid shoulder

I have been having shoulder pain for a while. I had an mri in august and I have tendonitis and the start of ra. Most days it is just aggravating but yesterday I couldn’t brush my hair or put my jacket on. As much as I hate training at work, I am grateful as I don’t have to move my arm much.

My hands haven’t been too bad but my heels, toes, knees and hips haven’t been the best. I have been going to the gym and water walking. Definitely an awesome workout.

The end of Feb I went to cancun, the weather was awesome, all the food and drinks we wanted. So nice to relax and now time to plan our next all inclusive for next year.  This was my first time going somewhere like this and I am hooked. I walked on the beach and alot of walking while shopping.  Got sore toward the end but manageable. All worth it.