Stupid shoulder

I have been having shoulder pain for a while. I had an mri in august and I have tendonitis and the start of ra. Most days it is just aggravating but yesterday I couldn’t brush my hair or put my jacket on. As much as I hate training at work, I am grateful as I don’t have to move my arm much.

My hands haven’t been too bad but my heels, toes, knees and hips haven’t been the best. I have been going to the gym and water walking. Definitely an awesome workout.

The end of Feb I went to cancun, the weather was awesome, all the food and drinks we wanted. So nice to relax and now time to plan our next all inclusive for next year.  This was my first time going somewhere like this and I am hooked. I walked on the beach and alot of walking while shopping.  Got sore toward the end but manageable. All worth it.

Long day

Today had been the worst.  Got news this morning that my uncle passed away, later in the day I twisted my ankle very badly then find out my step dad had a heart attack and is in the hospital.
All of this after too many nights of insomnia and a winter storm.  Only good thing about messing up my ankle so bad is I don’t have to shovel so at least I am ending on a positive note. Time to try and get some sleep.

MRI results

Got a letter from the Dr saying I have tendonitis and bursitis in multiple tendons of my rotator cuff.  No significant arthritis.  I would assume there is some arthritis but not enough to worry about. Now to search the Internet for shoulder stretches and exercises to help so I don’t have to go to physical therapy or get a shot in the shoulder.  I already have bursitis in the hips.  Is this common with ra?

So very sore

Been feeling OK lately.  Not the best but Ok.  My shoulder has been messed up since July and I go for an mri tomorrow.  My lower joints have been achy but not pounding, so nothing I can’t handle.

Sunday I went to the local college campus to do a 5k walk with friends. Parked half a mile away and took about am hour before our wave got to go. By the end of the walk my shoe was rubbing on my ankle and my hips, toes and heels hurt but I had a blast.

I said goodbye to my friends, had a good time despite the pain.  I went to follow the path to get to my car and to my dismay there were 6 different ways I could go. 

I am very bad with directions. Just awful. I have mini panic attacks if I have to find someplace new. Knowing this I paid careful attention to landmarks. When I went to find my car, the landmarks were no help.  Needless to say I wandered the campus for an hour and 45 min before I found the parking lot I was in. I managed 8 miles total between the walk and the wandering.  No wonder I am so sore.

My husband yelled at me because he can’t figure out how someone can lose a car.  My friend yelled because I didn’t call her to have her help me.  Everyone assumes it was pure stubbornness on my end and yes, some of it was.  I figured it had to be around the next building. Honestly it was more anger at myself and embarrassment that caused me not to call.

Sad day

Started having issues with my shoulder.  Hurts to drive, walk, or lay down. I didn’t go see my friend on Tues and it takes a lot for me not to go because we just sit there. Canceled my walk yesterday also because of the pain. Called in sick today.  None of these are normal for me.  I decided to take a day of laying in bed with a heating pad in the hopes it will feel better.

A friend of mine owns a bar, his grandpa came in all the time.  This man loved company and his wife was in a nursing home with alzheimer and he would see her twice a day. He also took in his great grandson his last two years of high school.  (This kid worked, did musicals, and a 4.0. So not a troubled kid). He was also fighting cancer. During all of this he smiled, laughed and loved everyone around him. We all called him grandpa and we treated him as such.  This sweet old man that we all loved as much as our own grandparents passed away last night.  He is one person that will be missed by hundreds and will always hold a place in our hearts.  I love you grandpa, thank you for the laughter, the hugs and just the joy of being around you these last 7 years.

Very sad day as he will be missed but the memories he gave us and knowing how sick he was at the end allows me to be more grateful for knowing him than sad.