I brought my fmla papers to my dr office to fill out. I got a call from my fmla admin saying they hadn’t gotten anything and would extend it. I called my dr office and the nurse was a huge bitch.  When I was first diagnosed I had fmla and I renewed it twice. Even with that I feel guilty calling in. I only used two half days in a one year span. I have had two flares in six months, in that time, I fell on the ice twice (Thank goodness I was not in a flare at the time).

I decided I would get them renewed at the time I saw the Dr. The nurse who returned my call when I left a message asking why they had not been filed did not fill me with hope. She asked if this was something new. No, I have been diagnosed for four years. She asked a couple more questions that were irritating, then she asked me. … How often do you think you will be off? How in the hell would I know? Ummm, when it acts up? I don’t take off unless I can’t type.  I spend 8-10 hours at a computer. I can adjust the way I work to compensate any other joint, just not my hands. She didn’t like that. She asked again, how often. Hmmm, whenever my ra decides to act up. I blew up. Seriously? I didn’t realize this would be a problem. I didn’t realize typing all day with ra would cause me to be treated as if I was a criminal. She changed her tune but I had enough.  I told her I couldn’t answer her questions and if I did it would be lies.

I have not been content with my dr in a while. He has never taken xrays (my gp did of one hand before he referred me) he does not know my toes are curling and does not know what my pinkie or thumb are doing. I didn’t feel like I had the chance. You can tell me to get a new doc but I only have a couple I can see with my ins. I won’t go to prevea (they allowed my daughters step mom to get her out on add meds) and the other two are in the same clinic.

Wizard of Oz.

Today I feel like a one person cast for the wizard of Oz. So tired I am the scarecrow with no brain. Tin man joints, hunched like a flying monkey, hair so messy I look like toto, too cowardly to get an injection in my hip and my feet are so red they could pass for Ruby slippers. I don’t think I could walk on the yellow brick road though, too firm and would probably jar my joints.

Yes my dear friends, I am losing my mind, that is OK though. I enjoy it and allows me to put goofy posts like this one.  Have a good Friday.

Rant and fun

I was talking to my mom and was telling her about a conversation with my sister who recently was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia along with myself (along with the ra since 2010). My sister is the type of person who puts everything on Facebook and I am the opposite. I encouraged my sister to create a blog to connect with others and to pick a few who are close to her to talk to. I also told her if she put stuff on Facebook all the time she would end up with alot of negativity and that won’t help anything. As I was telling this to my mom she says to me “well you shouldn’t talk about it at all, it just makes you think about it and makes yoy sound like a whiner”. Thanks mom, once again you came through. What an idiot.

On the plus side, hoping the craft sales start up soon. I have magnetic jewelry everywhere in my house. Wish it sold more but still have fun selling it. And I can now wear necklaces again because I no longer have to worry about the clasps. .

Fibromyalgia and RA

Went to the Dr on Monday, as I explained to my dr that the prednisone is working this time but didn’t work last time and that vicodin doesn’t work for me, he started pushing in different spots. He then dropped the bomb. “You have myofascial pain from Fibromyalgia. It helps to know because it explains alot but still sucks.

As I was looking online I started thinking about my sister and all the many tests she had last year and told nothing was wrong. I made her look it up and she called her dr right away. So now both of us have been diagnosed in the same week. At least I have someone to talk to.

Here is my plan. Swim 2-3 times a week for four weeks, then add in the treadmill. And if I still have trouble sleeping, I will call for the muscle relaxers that my dr said was an option. Here goes nothing.  I named my ra “RAndall”, now I need a name for my Fibro. Lol

Hello prednisone

I am back on prednisone.  I love that I can call the Dr office and explain what is going on and he just calls a prescription in. I hate the fact that I am back on it add it means I can’t control the pain anymore.

Last year about this time I was having a hard time at work, by the summer all was well again. I felt really good and alost had myself convinced I was just being whiney, everyone had pain and they didn’t have RA, what made me think I had it.  I just needed to get over it and realize that I just had arthritis, not RA. I honestly convinced myself that either my doctor was a quack or that I mimicked the symptoms will enough from reading about it that I convinced him I had RA.

Then came September. RAndall started playing peek a boo with my joints and it was a full fledge flare by November.  I became RAndall instead of Stacey. Called the Dr and was put on prednisone for three weeks.  I felt better but not great.

Last month I got a cold and thought, oh shit.  This one made me sick and I was dizzy for weeks because my sinuses were packed all the way into my ears. My joints were sore but not too bad (or maybe I was more concerned with falling down). As soon as I felt better from that, the pain increased day by day and sometimes by the hour. Joints that were not affected before are now screaming. I have spent so much time with my heating pad it is closer to me than my own spouse. 

Started back on a three week dose of prednisone yesterday.  This is my way of saying fuck off to RAndall.  I no longer think my dr is a quack and have learned to actually listen to my body.  My biggest problem yet is still figuring out when I am just hurting or when it is a flare. 


As I am sure you all know, I am a little off. I will make a joke or of almost anything. And normally not in an a way that is suitable for children. Ha ha.  Seriously, I named my RA randall and then used randall for my twitter and WordPress. I make jewelry and named it twistedbeader because of my twisted hands and mind, but back to my reason for this post (get ready, I am going of the rails)

Have you ever felt like cereal (or a candy bar)? Today, my joints keep making popping sounds, every time I hear it, I can’t resist!  Snap, crackle, pop! Rice crispies! And my mental state?  Yup, sure feel like a fruit loop.  No Tony the Tiger for me today. 

Hope everyone got a small giggle from this!   Oh and just an fyi, this is me without enough sleep.

Thank you

It’s amazing. I got my healthminder journal and thinking I would use it for just tracking pain. I love that it is much more than that. I can track weather, what I eat, pollen counts and anything I take. The diagrams allow my to track more than one body part and in the back it allows me to write in my detail anything I am feeling or noticing and write down questions for my dr.

Also thanking my husband because he threw his back out, even though he is in pain, he still asks if I am OK, helps me out and still does snow removal because I have fallen twice this year already. I had a cold and all he thought about was if I was OK even though he was hurting too and it was his birthday.
Now, my blogging family, Thank you for the support. I was diagnosed in 2010, my friends listen and support but unless you have RA you truly can not understand the pain, fatigue, and fear that comes with this. So here is a Thank you for everyone who writes posts and who read and comments on mine. I no longer feel alone.